Ali Aşık


1970 A family who came from Turkey to Germany/Berline as workers.
The family in question, their son Ali was born on 04.12.1985 in Berlin/Neukölln district. Anne, who is a staff member at TRT, begins to instill his musical life, which she could not live, and the serious education and knowledge she received, to his 5-year-old son, even though she immigrated to Berlin.
Ali Aşık, who spends his time at home as if playing with a Piano, shows his talent in a short time and starts Piano lessons at that age and is discovered.
As his age progressed, Ali Aşık, who was interested in many instruments as well as the Piano, continues to play/study with instruments such as a Guitar, Accordion, Darbuka bought from the then-known Berlin Markets. At the age of 13, in 1998, he took the Baglama hanging on the wall for the first time and became interested.
“Destiny, Destiny, Luck” says Ali Aşık; In the Neukölln Neighborhood of Berlin, “Kenan Bayram” Instrumental House opens right across from their house and meets Ali Aşık, Halit Çelik and Kenan Bayram teachers, instrumental lessons and a love begins.
He fell in love with House to School, From School to Reed House, Baglama. Seven days a week Saz would go to his house and practice Baglama. After 3-5 years of education, he participates in Baglama Competitions organized by the German Music University, and becomes the first in Berlin and Germany for 4 years. Since there is an age limit in the competitions, he cannot participate once again. He is invited to Turkey, to concerts with his achievements at a young age, attends and meets his very important Masters / Teachers. Thinking that the education given in Berlin is now limited for him, he starts to work on techniques, manners and repertoire with the Masters/Instructors he met. Ali Aşık, who took his breath in Turkey/Istanbul at every opportunity, was now running. He took steps quickly and took part in many concerts and album works. These studies were carried out both in Turkey and throughout Germany. Ali Aşık could not stay away from the Neukölln Neighborhood of Berlin where he was born. In 2015, he started to work as an Instrument/Music Instructor at the Sivaslı Canlar Association with Kasım Yıldız, who was very special to him in his life. In addition to the Concert, Choral Studies, a very important and great Culture and Tradition is acquired. As of 2019, he joins the BTMK Family and continues as an Instructor there. It is and will be supporting many events, concerts and projects under this roof.
“I don’t want to take the Education, Knowledge, Respect, Love, Culture, Art, Thoughts, Experiences and Ideas to the Earth with me”
Said a very valuable teacher. I am following the path of that Master….
Best Regards, Ali Aşık