Atilla Kaban


Atilla Kaban was born in Istanbul. He started piano lessons at a State Conservatory in Istanbul when he was only 7 years old. His twin sister was also studying violin at the same Conservatory. After studying music as a pianist at the age of 15, Atilla Kaban met a Turkish pianist, Ilham Gencer. And this is how he started his real professional career. He played with famous orchestras such as Ilham Gencer, Ilhan Feyman and Şeyl Denizci and accompanied famous singers.

Prior to his military service, he was awarded a 4-year scholarship (without any required coursework) from Berklee College of Music, Boston (USA) for his performance and talent. This world-class independent music college showcases world-class contemporary and jazz music. But Atilla Kaban could not get permission to travel abroad due to his compulsory military service. After his military service, he founded a Jazz band in Istanbul with famous Turkish artists such as Erdogan Cetinova (Saxophone), Ulvidüz, Fevzi Mumkule (Guitar). He met Peterson, who was the Music Manager at a Jazz-Festival in Istanbul. Peterson brought him and his Group to Germany by Contract with the American military establishment. This is how Atilla and his Group arrived in Frankfurt an Main. And in the military Clubs he performed in Bad Kreuznach and Bamberg. After the contract expired, Atilla Kaban stayed in Germany for other music opportunities and settled in West-Berlin. He lives in Berlin to this day.

Atilla Kaban wrote a piece for the 1976 National Grand Prix Eurovision De La Chanson held in Turkey. Atilla Kaban also took a commitment as an actress in 1989 and accepted with Ozay Fecht, Tuncel Kurtiz, Suavi Eren, Ilona Lewanowski, Albrecht Metzger, Michael Schmelz, Nina Schultz and Deniz Seyhun in the movie “Aufbr¸eche”. {Filmography NewYork Times}, {MTV Media Guide} and {MSN Filmography}). Fecr Ebcioğlu wrote about Atilla Kaban: “You can write a whole treatise on this talent, whose brilliance, dark sides, brilliance, incredible personality and extraordinary Stage experience is a natural delight and entertainment for everyone.”