Hey Hero! You are in the lead role of your own movie…
The Goal of the Workshop
Every movie has a main character!
You are the hero of your own movie!
What would your life be like if it were a movie?
Now, what adventure is your life calling you to?
Are you aware of the positives and negatives to go on this adventure?

Each person is the protagonist of his own life scenario. Each hero has a 12-step life cycle. It is possible to find these cycles in mythological stories, novels and movies that break world-wide grossing records. We will have the opportunity to discover our inner adventure with the 12-step journey of the Hero in our training, which is brought together by making use of Arda Eşberk’s book “Will You Be My Role Friend” and Creative Drama method.

Content and Process of the Workshop
In line with the studies of Carl Gustav Jung and Jospeh Campbell, starting from the stages of the Hero’s 12-step cycle, solving the participants’ problems such as communication problems, motivation, goal setting, using the Creative Drama method and raising awareness through the selected film related to the subject.
In our workshop, which will last for 12 weeks, the equivalents of the following steps in our own life journey will be discovered through a movie that will be selected every week related to the subject. In the workshop, where all branches of art are used and organized with the techniques of creative drama, your creativity will be ignited and you will benefit from the healing of art.

Goals of the Workshop
1. Exploring the world you live in with the motto of “here and now”.
2. Setting a goal in life.
3. To be able to get guidance and to know the guide.
4. To be able to recognize their own internal and external enemies. To be conscious of how to overcome internal conflict without being negatively affected by both sides.
5. Gaining the strength to struggle for life.

6. Think deeply and make decisions.
7. Recognizing the rewards of life.
8. Seeing the turning points in life.
9. To find the necessary formulas to provide the solution of the problems.
10. Restarting life, no matter what problems are encountered.

Benefits of the Workshop
– Understanding to have a more sensitive approach to problems.

– Provides fluency of ideas. It gives free thinking skills.

– Provides flexibility in mental applications.

– It helps to come up with original ideas. It provides creativity and aesthetic development.

– It enables to have effective mental processes.

– Increases the capacity to identify situations and attention, as well as supports focus.

– It allows to be open to experiences.
– Allows you to use your imagination and train instantly with improvisations.

– Helps reveal the disturbing emotions that adults suppress during creative drama or play.

– Can be used for both visual and presentational arts.

It helps to develop the ability to understand oneself and others. It makes a positive contribution to communication skills.

– It gives self-confidence, support and decision-making skills.

– It enables to use body language effectively.

– It enables them to be aware of their emotions and to express them correctly.

– Creative drama has a developing feature in raising the awareness of the individual and being a social being. For this reason, everyone who wants to know the secrets of life and transform their life into art, can participate in our consciousness-based, hands-on and interactive workshop.
Duration: 12 Weeks
At the end of the term, theatrical work is performed on the stage determined by the institution.
Benefits of Theater Education:
a) teaches solidarity;

b) Provides the sense of responsibility necessary for community life;

c) Prevents society from oppressing the personality;

ç) Develops the ability to put thought into action;

d) Teaches reading by thinking and interpreting;

e) teaches speaking in public;

f) It provides language anxiety, correct and beautiful speaking;

ğ) Increases the player’s ability to use body language;

h) Provides interest in various branches of art;

i) And improves the ability to perceive aesthetics.

Training Hours: It continues in accordance with the academic calendar, for 2 hours.
Duration: 8 Months (6 Months + 2 Months Stage Preparations)




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