Enver Mete Aslan


Enver Mete Aslan still continues his seminars and lectures that he started in March 2014 at the Berlin Turkish Music Conservatory. The studies carried out on certain days of each month are related to the maqam, technical studies and style for the oud. In addition to these, seminars are held on different topics every month. These seminars held at the Berlin Turkish Music Conservatory cover topics such as oud, lute, information about composers, information about performers, composition.

In addition to all these, the “Turkish Music Practice Community”, which aims to advance the Berlin Turkish Music Conservatory in academic dimensions and was created with the support of the corporate management, continues its activities under the direction of Enver Mete Aslan on certain days of the week with a young and high artistic team. Continuing to work with the repertoire consisting of important works from the Classical, Neo-Classical and Romantic periods, the ensemble comes together to put into practice what BTMK students and different instruments have learned in their individual instrument and voice training course.