Hey Hero! You are in the lead role of your own movie…

“Each of the works produced and revealed by human hands has high psychological analysis values. In every work he produces, he consciously or unknowingly tells about himself, his inner world, the world he lives in, life – death and rebirth. These narratives are transmitted from generation to generation in different ways, starting from verbal narration and ending with the theater, with visual and auditory effects and the silver screen. Although the tales vary according to the place and time in which the stories are told, we see that the same intellectual symbols and subjects are always handled in the core of the stories told. This is the “Hero’s Journey”.

Goal of Education

Every movie has a main character!

You are the hero of your own movie!

What would your life be like if it were a movie?

Now, what adventure is your life calling you to?

Are you aware of the positives and negatives to go on this adventure?

Each person is the protagonist of his own life scenario. Each hero has a 12-digit cycle. We can find these cycles in mythological stories, worldwide blockbuster novels and movies. We will explore our own adventure with the 12-step journey of the Hero in our training, which was created by benefiting from the work of Carl Gustav Jung and the author of the book “Hero’s Endless Journey” Joseph Campbell and the Creative Drama method.

Content and Process of Education

In the light of Carl Gustav Jung, Jospeh Campbell’s work, starting from the stages of the Hero’s 12-step cycle, solving the participants’ problems such as communication problems, motivation, goal setting, through the method of Creative Drama and raising awareness through the selected film related to the subject.

In our workshop that will last for 12 weeks, the equivalents of the steps below in our own life journey will be discovered through a movie that will be selected every week related to the subject. In the workshop, where all branches of art are used and organized with the techniques of creative drama, your creativity will be ignited and you will be healed with art.

Stages of the Hero’s Endless Journey:

1) Ordinary World

2) Call to Adventure

3) Decline of Call

4) Meeting the Guide

5) Crossing the First Threshold

6) Trials, Allies, Enemies

7) Approaching the Innermost Cave

8) Ordeal

9) Reward

10) Return Way

11) Resurrection

12) Return with Elixir

Aims of the Workshop

  1. Exploring the “here and now” world.
  2. Setting goals in life.
  3. To be able to get guidance, to know the guide.4. To be able to recognize their own internal and external enemies. Learning how to deal with conflict when it comes to conflict without being negatively impacted on both sides.
  4. To gain fighting strength in life.
  5. Think deeply and make decisions.
  6. Recognizing the rewards in life.
  7. Seeing the turning points in life.
  8. Finding the necessary formulas for solving problems.
  9. Restarting life no matter what problems one encounters.

Sub-Aims of the Workshop

  1. Exploring what kind of world we live in the “here and now”.
  2. To understand what is in the present moment.
  3. To realize the value and importance of living conditions.
  4. Discovering your own adventure.
  5. Setting goals.
  6. Recognizing responsibilities.
  7. Recognizing your own guide.
  8. To understand the importance of guidance.
  9. Listening to counsel.
  10. Recognizing their own obstacles.
  11. Recognizing your enemies.
  12. Noticing your friends.
  13. To gain courage.
  14. To understand the importance of taking action.
  15. Recognizing the warrior within.
  16. Exploring your own cave.
  17. Recognizing the inner voice.
  18. To understand the importance of deep thinking.
  19. Reward yourself.
  20. To grasp the rewards of life.
  21. Discovering the importance of the award.
  22. Remembering the past.
  23. Learning from the past.
  24. Going back.
  25. To produce new ways of problem solving.
  26. Being motivated.
  27. To grasp the power of belief.
  28. Learning to start over.
  29. Leaving back problems
  30. Clinging to life.

Anyone who wants to know the secrets of life and turn their life into art,

can participate in our consciousness-based, hands-on and interactive workshop.




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