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The Days Of Promotion Of Turkish Music Composers Are Starting At Btmk.. All Art Lovers Are Invited.. Panels And Concerts Are Free.

Take your place to listen to the composers of the Turkish Art Music works we listen to, their lives, the story and story of the works and accompany their songs.. 07.11.2022 Art meeting at BTMK between 31/12/2022..

This project has been prepared as an educational project to inform our culture, art, music, composers, music lovers and our Young Generations.

Metin Akyol

Meşk Ensemble and Master Class Turkish Music

We are honored to see you at our seminar on 10-11-12 November at 18:30 as part of the “Meşk Ensemble and Master Class Turkish Music” Education Project of the Berlin Turkish Music Conservatory.

Participation in collective music works is open to all instruments, and participants who wish can participate with sound.

Seminar Kocaeli University Turkish Music Department Lecturer Udi Assoc. It will be given by Enver Mete ASLAN.